Chapter Records is an independant record label that specialises in Urban Music.

Over the past few years the music industry in the UK has not only changed but has also evolved to the point that a “ Genre Mash Up” is trending. This development has changed the game and the way music is viewed. 
So we have prided ourselves in taking advantage of that, by having a selection of different artists and giving them the neuter and guiding them on to the right avenues for them to grow in the music industry and to establish for themselves a place in the charts.
Since starting in the summer of 2014 we have already hit the ground running with our first artist DJ Sticky and his song “Pull Up”.This song has been playlisted on Radio 1 and 1Xtra with a lot of love and support by the likes of " Nick Grimshaw, Dj Woody and Dj Target " just to name a few and we have yet to scratch the surface. We believe that guiding our artists and getting them to gain as much experience in performing on as many different platforms can only guarantee success.
Music is one of the main senses that can touch every person that walks this Earth and with that in mind we utilizes as much of the experiences our team have to offer in every aspect of music from production, press, radio, djs , live events and songwriters